The Jamaica 2030 Healthcare Vision Forum

Engaging the Jamaican Diaspora Health Sector and Friends of Jamaica

to help improve

The Healthcare Delivery System of Jamaica

The Ministry of Health Secretariat

Ms. Ava Gay Timberlake

Director, International Cooperation in Health

Ministry of Health, Jamaica


Dr. Tamie Davidson

Medical Epidemiologist Chronic Disease and Injuries Prevention

Ministry of Health, Jamaica


Dr. Tania Dawkins

Medical Epidemiologist Communicable Diseases

Ministry of Health


Dr. Leila McWhinney-Dehaney

Chief Nursing Office

Ministry of Health, Jamaica


Dr. Michele EA Roofe

Acting National Epidemiologist

Chair, Health Information Technology

Ministry of Health,



Dr. Sonia Copeland

Director, Disease Prevention and Control

Ministry of Health



Miss Pauline Gordon

Administrative Assistant to the Chief Medical Officer

 Ministry of Health